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The Jubilee Year is a time of prayer and celebration. But most importantly it is a time of gratitude; a time of remembering the innumerable blessings that the Lord has showered on us and on the movement. It is similar to when we look back upon our walk with the Lord – right from the first encounter to our present situation – we can surely see His hand in all circumstances. As we glorify God in this Jubilee year, an apt gesture would be to share our personal faith story (testimony) with everyone and as one family, praise God for His blessings upon us and the movement.
What is my faith story or personal testimony?
A personal testimony is exactly what it says. It’s personal as it shares an event or events in your life. It’s a testimony about God and how God is present and has acted in your life. In short, it’s your very own intimate story of how God touched your life and transformed it.
How do I go about it?
The main aim of this project is to encourage every Jesus Youth to share about the precise and concrete way the Lord has worked in his/her life. In this way we can help and encourage each other to strengthen our faith. A few pointers to keep in mind while writing your testimony are:
1. The complete story should include these three elements
o Before: a picture of where you were
o Central: decision, deeper realisation or conversion point
o Present: a picture of where you are now in your journey A good balance should be maintained between the presentation of before, the conversion experience and the fruit.
2. A testimony is simply a sharing. It is not a teaching. Always talk in the first person. (e.g. "I suffered from peer pressure" as opposed to "we suffer from peer pressure").
3. Use discretion in what you share (Sirach 19:5).
4. Testimonies are a very effective tool for proclaiming the Gospel. Share your story and trust in the Holy Spirit. May His name be praised.
5. Jesus should remain the focus of the testimony rather than it becoming just a story of a personal journey.
6. A testimony ends with an invitation rather than a challenge (e.g. "Jesus can do the same thing in your life" as opposed to "You need to…").
Our personal testimony will renew in us an appreciation of the grace of God in our lives as we ponder on and realise how the Lord has worked in us. Testimonies show our humanness, that we have had struggles too. They project hope in that we have overcome that sin, weakness, guilt, etc. and that the Lord offers everyone the same victory. Experience has shown that testimonies are one of the best tools that we can use as they are not condemning, but offer hope in a Lord that cares. You may think you are not a good writer or story teller – but just put a child-like trust to work and you will find yourself telling a unique and amazing story that only you can tell. We welcome you to write your story...
Read Testimonies    Submit your Testimony