Distinguishing characteristics of the Movement

  1. Youth reaching out to youth: As witnesses of the joy of a life in Christ and in service of the Church.
  2. Ongoing faith and human formation: Through Jesus Youth groups and training programmes, encouraged by the six pillars.
  3. Using the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit: For growth in personal holiness, service in the community and proclamation of the Good News.
  4. Forming youth for missionary commitment: In response to the divine mandate and the call of the Church.
  5. Witnessing to the Lord in the rapidly changing modern context: Among children, students, those in parishes, the poor and the suffering, working professionals, young married couples and families, aided by the use of technology and modern mass media.
  6. Participation in Fellowship groups: In many places, small cells and prayer groups are gradually evolving into committed communities.
  7. Rooted in the Church and committed to ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue:While incorporating effectively into ecclesiastical structures and pastoral plans.
  8. Close interaction, collaboration and networking among individuals, ministries and fellowship groups: Modern means of travel, media and communication establish Jesus Youth as a close-knit ecclesial family.
  9. Becoming a Jesus Youth: Not by a formal enrolment, but by a step by step interiorisation of the Jesus Youth lifestyle and participation in fellowship and mission.