Co-ordination Teams

A Jesus Youth group exists in a locality (parish, institution, work site, etc.) and is comprised of a number of cells and small groups and is coordinated by a Core Team. A Zonal Team co-ordinates the Jesus Youth groups and ministries in a zonal area.

A number of zones or a state constitutes a region and it is co-ordinated by a Regional Jesus Youth Team. At the national level, the co-ordination is done by the National Team and the Jesus Youth International Team co-ordinates all these National Teams.

Being a Catholic movement, Jesus Youth is accountable to the Catholic Hierarchy of each area and functions under the guidance of the local Catholic Bishops.

The selection of a Jesus Youth Team is the result of a process of discernment by a Discerning Community, guided by a Discernment Team. The whole process is done in a spirit of prayer and confidentiality to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit and the building up of the Christian Community.