“Every JY is a missionary”

“One can be identified as a Jesus Youth only if one is a missionary” - this has been a pivotal conviction in the Jesus Youth movement and these days following the Silver Jubilee, this very conviction calls us to reflect on this more deeply.

In this context, the Jesus Youth International Team has prepared this reflection material based on the important documents which came out during the Jubilee Year. This material is intended to be used in all the JY groups - prayer groups, cells, small groups, fellowship groups - during the period from Easter to Pentecost. Through the 7 weeks, Jesus Youth worldwide shall have prepared themselves for a fresh anointing when we celebrate Pentecost Day and Missionary Commitment Day 2011.

This resource is a compilation of Scripture readings, reflections from various Jesus Youth documents, teachings of Pope Benedict XVI on Saint Paul the Apostle and those given by him during general audiences in the last few years . There is also a set of reflection activities for each week which the participants can do to live out the Gospel.

Download the material in your preferred language: