Heart Talk

I have always dreamt of a Mission City where all the residents share and grow in the love of Christ. So the month of August in Bangkok was like a dream come true for me, with the three international trainings happening in one place – the “Garden of Gospel Peace”. Seeing the animators, leaders and young missionaries, I realized how the Holy Spirit is powerfully networking us to spread His love to every corner of the world. This system of people is a great blessing of the Holy Spirit to our movement which is growing like a healthy body with effective parts. I would like to share my
experience of the beauty and importance of the roles we play in Jesus Youth as a movement.

I cherish the moments of grace when bishops and priests are blessing us or when they are giving us the sacraments or when they motivate us with their presence. I cherish too, the powerful intercession and guidance of our dear religious sisters in our ministries and the presence of our ever supportive elders, who, like uncles and aunts, take care of every JY as their very own. Then there are our dynamic and outgoing leaders throughout the world leading the various ministries to be on fire for the Lord. I have hundreds of testimonies of youngsters who were attracted to Christ because they saw their JY leaders seeking first the kingdom of God. Similarly, our young missionaries who have taken specific commitments, especially the fulltimers, are role models in telling the youth world that “youth is the time to work for the Lord”. It is wonderful to see how this whole system works in tandem enabling us to execute our God given tasks. A smile from another Jesus Youth, a word of encouragement from our animator, a blessing from our pastor before we go onstage to share, a loving meal with a JY family, and the motivating sessions of preachers are some of the countless blessings a Jesus Youth receives in his life. It makes me think how much we need to thank God for keeping all this in place, just as He made and keeps the moon and the stars in place.

To be successful in being a missionary movement at the service of the Church, it is most important for each Jesus Youth to know and live his/her role. It takes hard work not only to live the role but also to dedicate time to know our role, as it calls for a process of discernment and openness to do His will during that phase of time. The six pillars have always been like the secret recipe to help us live our roles effectively, and proper training moulds the formation ground for our working style. I have found in Jesus Youth that the success of our roles is that it runs on the basic rule of “love”, where the key is to “serve better”. Also the Holy Spirit connects all these roles and works to collectively create the missionary force that we are today. At the end of the day it is not only what “I” did today that is important, but also what “we” did today.

God calls us to be faithful in small things and the small thing is sometimes “what we have to do today” as animators, leaders, fulltimers, co-ordinators or any other roles we have. Let us pray that every Jesus Youth may know, grow, and shine out in the role he is playing in the Church every day; not because we will be remembered tomorrow for it, but because Christ gives us the power to use our today to change the future.