Household Reflection: Jan.'14


‘He went in to stay with them’ (Luke 24:29)

January 2014: Reflection: Luke 24: 13-35

Along the road to Emmaus, we find two disciples with sad faces. There we may also find, perhaps ourselves or many of our peers. The sufferings and trials of this life leads every human person in his inmost being to look out for something better, to hope in a true and lasting salvation. But the disciples, “stood still, looking sad” precisely because they had lost this hope.
It is in this state that Jesus comes to meet them and to meet us and our peers. But what could He say to console us? He gives us the very same message that God has been speaking to man from the beginning; the message of His steadfast love. We see this distinctly as we study the Old Testament, where God speaks through holy patriarchs and prophets to communicate very clearly that He is not a God who is distant but one who is ever-present and near to His people.
However, Jesus explains this message to them not just by pointing to the scriptures, but by enlightening them to see that all scripture in fact points to Himself. The written word of God tells much about God’s faithful and abiding presence. Jesus, the Eternal Word of God, is that very faithful and abiding presence of God. Jesus is Emmanuel, which literally means “God-with-us”. God did not wish to offer His people just a message. Rather, He wished to communicate to us His Word, which is His very essence. In Jesus, God has communicated Himself perfectly to mankind and so has restored both our hope and our joy. Let us invite Jesus, the Word of the Father, the abiding Presence of God, to “stay with us” in our hearts and in our communities.
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