Intercession week (Sept 1 to 8th)

This year we will celebrate the Intercession week Sep 1-8 and during the week as we pray for others. We also seek time to listen to the heart of God and understand how He is leading us and what are some of the areas we need to build upon.

We encourage all Jesus Youth to go through the intercession week Sept 1st to 8th both personally and as a movement. Everyone can be encouraged to pray where ever they are and at the same time will be good to have gatherings in all our regions.  These intercession gatherings can range from one hour to a whole day.
During the Intercession gathering we could
a) Spend time in thanksgiving for the wonderful way the Lord has been leading us
b) Spend time in praying for the need of others 
               - World, 
               - Universal Church, 
               - local reality - your country parish/church etc, 
               - Jesus Youth as a movement
               - Needs of individual Jesus Youth in your regions.
               - Etc, etc, etc
c) Spend time in listening to the Lord
You could have Holy Mass, Adoration etc as possible in your regions.
Please find attached:
1) Six images that can be circulated, each day I will send you the whatsapp image that can be circulated
2) Colour PDF format of the six days, if you want to print and circulate
3) Grayscale PDF format of black and white printout.