Jesus Youth- approved by the Holy See


Jesus Youth has its beginnings in Kerala, in the late 1970’s, with the formation of youth groups among young people active in Catholic Charismatic Renewal. In 1985, during the International Year of Youth, these groups came together under the name Jesus Youth, and over the ensuing years the association spread across India. Following on from the canonical recognition received from Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara of Nagpur on April 8th 2007 and Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil of Verapoly on August 20th 2007, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India recognised Jesus Youth as a national association of the faithful on October 29th 2008. Today Jesus Youth is active in more than thirty countries and has many members, of all states of life.

The Pontifical Council for Laity has recognized Jesus Youth as an 'International Private Association of the Faithful with Juridical personality’. We are humbled by the fact that Jesus Youth is the first movement in India and the second movement from Asia to receive such an approval! 


“It is my pleasure, therefore, to confirm the Dicastery’s readiness to issue a decree approving the statutes and granting recognition to Jesus Youth as an International Private Association of the Faithful, with juridical personality in Canon Law,” says the letter signed by council secretary Bishop Josef Clemens, received on 6th on 20th May 2016