Jubilee and Me


They say a moment can change your life. But in Jesus Youth, we are talking about “Jubilee moments” that can inspire thousands. And anyone can be part of it… 

All you have to do is grab a buddy, pick a video phone and start shooting. We are looking at short (by that we mean not more than 10 secs) of video that conveys “What the Jubilee means for you?”
Many youngsters in Kochi, India have already shared their captures with us and it’s now up on the site for all of you to watch. If you feel you have a line to say or an emotion to express, go ahead and film it for with the JY family you’ve got a global audience!
To be featured in the next video, hurry and send your recording to jyjubileevideo@gmail.com. Please remember to also mail in your full name, location, contact number and email.
Technical Tips:
  1. Make sure the mobile has a reasonable video quality
  2. As much as possible, avoid background noise while recording (people talking, street traffic, phone ringing, etc)
  3. Make sure the background light is not more than the light falling on the face (for example, do not make a bright window your background) 
So come, join the Jubilee celebrations!!