JY Prayer

In the Jesus Youth movement there are prayer meetings which follow the Charismatic style of fully spontaneous leadership and participation, but in a small group gathering, in the meeting of a Jesus Youth Team or other fellowship gatherings, the Jesus Youth Prayer will be quite appropriate. For a person new to fellowship prayer, the present mode will be helpful for easy participation. On the other hand, for those experienced in participative prayer, the Jesus Youth Prayer will open up new depths of inner life and spiritual discipline.
Seven Steps
The present prayer format inspired by the traditional patterns of community prayers in the Church has the following steps:
1. Introductory: The prayer begins with the sign of the cross and the community renews its participation in the life of the Trinity. This is followed by a short time of singing and spontaneous praising.
2. Psalter: The psalm is prayed alternating between two sections. This could be followed by a longer time of songs, free praise and lively spontaneous prayers. Its duration could depend on the time available and the occasion.
3. Word of God: A suitable passage from the Bible is read. A time of silent recollection for a few minutes could follow.
4. Reflection on the Word of God: Many could share their insights during this time. But in a more formal setting, one person could be asked to share the reflection.
5. Response: A prayer of response using the meditations or prayers of a saint will surely lead us towards greater depth in spiritual life.
6. Intercession: The group, at this stage, spontaneously articulates various needs and all join in interceding for these intentions.
7. Conclusion: With the Lord’s Prayer and blessing, the prayer comes to a close.
Participation and Leadership
It is quite easy to participate in as well as to lead the Jesus Youth Prayer.
The leader of this prayer does not require any special skill, but only a clear awareness of the pattern of this prayer. Hence, almost any mature member of the group could be entrusted with this role. If the group is new, a brief introduction is useful. Otherwise, there is no need for the leader to give any kind of instructions during the prayer.
The prayer pattern is a fine mix of praying with the prepared text and spontaneous participation. Having the prepared text in hand ensures clarity, confidence and lively participation of each person in the group.
At the beginning of the prayer the group could stand; they could sit during the time of the Word and reflection and then again stand up for the response, intercession and conclusion.
The prayer could be made use of in a variety of ways, usually expanding the portion of ‘Reflection’ into different forms of study of the Word or some community exercise. Delving into the Word of God could also take a variety of modes, such as a prepared reflection by one person, a spontaneous group reflection, small group sharing, a portion of the Bible passage illuminated by portions from Catholic Catechism or other documents, a longer break for meditative silence and the like. It is also possible to use a combination of many of these to animate Jesus Youth training sessions.
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