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Thu, 2011-07-28 - Sun, 2011-08-14

Prior to performing at World Youth Day 2011, the Rexband toured Austria, Switzerland and Germany from 28 July to 14 August. There were concert performances at Vienna, Olten, Frankfurt and Cologne.

Here are what some of the audience members had to say-

The Rexband with its music has touched me very much. The concert was like a musical which addressed important topics like abortion. What I liked most was the song sung in an Indian language - we could learn a few Malayalam words. It was just a wonderful atmosphere.  Mirjam Imfeld, Switzerland

The Rexband concert had a lot of action and the quality of music was great. Through this amazing show, Jesus Christ was praised and many different people came together. Diptesh Banerjee, Germany

The Rexband concert in Vienna was absolutely fantastic. All of the band members did a great job. The songs, which they performed were mind-blowing and the lyrics, expressive and striking. What really touched me was the song about the feelings of a little baby when it is in his/her mother’s womb. This song expresses the cruelty of abortion. Above all, I was totally impressed by the members´ dedication to God. Leslyn Elenjickal, Austria

I was fascinated by the talent of everyone in the Rexband and I was impressed by their songs. The Church was full of love and care. I realised God’s message is the same everywhere - love. Zeynep Arslan, Germany


Rexband’s latest album ‘You Turn’ was also released during this tour. It centers around the reflection on laying down one’s own ways and coming back to the Lord. The album is now available in online stores around the world - iTunes stores in the US, Australia, Europe, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and UK and stores in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, UK and the US.

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