Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike religious congregations and some other movements, Jesus Youth is not the product of a single person’s vision. The Charismatic Renewal swept through the churches of the picturesque state of Kerala, in the southern tip of India in the late 70's, touching the hearts of young people, leading to the formation of youth groups. In the early 80's, the groups grew rapidly, and in 1985, the International Year for Youth, these groups came together with a name: Jesus Youth.

There is no formal membership or enrolment required to become a part of the Jesus Youth movement.

1. However, you have to become a regular participant of a Jesus Youth prayer group in your area and be committed to this fellowship of active Catholics. As you advance, become a part of a Cell group and a JY ministry, which will help you grow in JY Spirituality as well as form you in a lifestyle of Christian outreach.

2. Participate in a Jesus Youth programme and follow it up through a Jesus Youth fellowship.

3. Get help in locating the closest JY group near you through the Jesus Youth International Office and then join in local JY initiatives.

4. A good way to be in touch with the Jesus Youth worldwide network is to be part of the Jesus Youth social networking site ‘JOYnet’. This virtual JY community is not a substitute for a cell or a prayer group, but is very useful in sharing your faith with others, especially in areas where there is no Jesus Youth presence.