How do I join Jesus Youth?

There is no formal membership or enrolment required to become a part of the Jesus Youth movement.

1. However, you have to become a regular participant of a Jesus Youth prayer group in your area and be committed to this fellowship of active Catholics. As you advance, become a part of a Cell group and a JY ministry, which will help you grow in JY Spirituality as well as form you in a lifestyle of Christian outreach.

2. Participate in a Jesus Youth programme and follow it up through a Jesus Youth fellowship.

3. Get help in locating the closest JY group near you through the Jesus Youth International Office and then join in local JY initiatives.

4. A good way to be in touch with the Jesus Youth worldwide network is to be part of the Jesus Youth social networking site ‘JOYnet’. This virtual JY community is not a substitute for a cell or a prayer group, but is very useful in sharing your faith with others, especially in areas where there is no Jesus Youth presence.