Called to be different

October, 2007
Cover Story 
Dressed formally in a suit with a metallic crucifix clipped to his pocket, Fr. Jose Philip, a Jesuit priest sits absorbed in his laptop on a flight bound for Mumbai, India. He is a visiting faculty for some top management institutes and also a part-time management consultant. Meanwhile in a remote village in Silchur, in the North Eastern province of India, Fr. Lawrence Kennedy sets off on a trek across the treacherous hills of Mizoram. He has to walk nonstop for two days before he can reach the village where he will celebrate the Holy Mass with the poor villagers who eagerly await his arrival. Across the border in Afghanistan, Fr. Lee Yoakom dressed in his military uniform leads a prayer meeting 4,900 feet above a combat zone. An ordained priest, a US Army Major and a Chaplain, his duties include saying Mass, preaching the Bible and catering to the spiritual needs of the soldiers in his unit. North of Afghanistan, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Sister Rosario and three other Missionaries of Charity sisters work hard, reaching supplies to the needy and caring for the sick in this erstwhile Soviet Republic. These are just a few sample snapshots from the eventful lives of over 137,000 Catholic priests and 776,000 women belonging to Catholic religious orders around the world. Across different geographic locations and varied lifestyles, they make a difference by being the presence of Christ, daring to take stances that radically challenge the values of the world. 

Called to be different