Hope beyond the Darkness

April, 2009
Cover Story 
“First I lost my job, then I lost my home. Now, I lost my wife!” screamed the front page of a major English daily in Europe recently. This real life story of a worker sums up the impact of the worst economic crisis that the world has seen over the last seven decades. And the scary fact is, the end does not seem to be anywhere near. What began as a mortgage crisis in the US has today snowballed into a global recession affecting all major industries and is even threatening the national economies of several countries. Over the last two quarters, governments have been busy devising strategies and bailout plans to ensure that the public will stay cushioned in the crisis. One thing is certain, the downturn doesn’t discriminate - corporate tycoons in mega economies, job seekers in developing economies and simple factory workers in emerging countries, are all feeling the crushing impact of this crisis in their lives.

Hope beyond the Darkness