Looking Beyond

September, 2010
Cover Story
It is 9.30 pm. I am waiting for a video chat to begin. Unlike other chats, I notice that I am a bit anxious as I sit before my computer. In a few minutes, a friend in the Jesus Youth movement will login from Dubai. I am not sure what to say or how to start. Tapping my fingers idly on the keys, I wait. Then I notice that his name, Shibu, has popped up on my friends’ list. 

Four months ago, on the 22nd of May 2010, his wife Rosily, and two daughters Godwina and Gloria died in the fateful Air India Express Flight 812 that crashed in Mangalore airport killing 158 people. After a joyful vacation, he had seen them off from Dubai airport only to hear the devastating news in the morning. During the next few days, I had heard about the trauma he had to go through – identifying the bodies and completing the legal procedures. Yet, I also heard about how their funeral became a time of experiencing God’s presence for many; about how Shibu himself was busy helping and consoling others  who had lost their loved ones.  

Looking Beyond