Put out into the deep

April, 2008
Cover Story 
As we move towards the silver jubilee year of our movement, it is imperative that we do some serious soul searching: as individual Jesus Youth, as prayer groups or cell groups, and as ministries or apostolates in Jesus Youth. This is what the International Team of Jesus Youth tried to do during its last meeting in Munnar, India. The prompting of the Holy Spirit was so clear at this meeting that the team decided to come out with the first ever ‘Letter to Jesus Youth’ worldwide. I hope, by now, that every Jesus Youth has had a chance to go through the letter which contains a historic self evaluation of the movement, a realistic perusal of the Church and world around us, a call to a critical analysis of current situations and challenges faced by the youth of today, and of course a powerful impetus to move forward with great hope.

Put out into the deep