Sing a new song

September, 2009
Cover Story 
It was an exceptionally cold evening in the magnificent city of Sydney. Yet not even the biting cold could dampen the spirits of the thousands who were all charged up for one of the World Youth Day music festivals in the grounds before the Opera House. Our band was all set awaiting our turn to go on stage. As we waited, praying, band after band came on to thunderous applause. The music - ranging from rock and hip hop to ballads and ethnic melodies - seemed to carry the young people as if on a giant wave. The crowds moved from frenzied celebrations to deep silences – they journeyed back and forth between exuberant praise and quiet worship. Even as we moved on stage and led the group through a joyous time, I was wondering about how deeply music moves this generation - perhaps like no other generation in the history of our planet.

Sing a new song