The Teen World

April, 2010
Cover Story 
“GELLING YOUR HAIR ISN’T GOING TO MAKE YOU A TEENAGER! YOU NEED MORE STYLE!!” These words from a young teenager got me thinking. What is it that actually makes a teenager? Today when much focus is on youth and youth culture – be it the media, the society or even the Church, there is an essential need to study and understand teens. Teens are the new youth and any effort to reach out to the younger generation calls for a closer walk with them – making sense of their confusions, desires, fears and attitudes to life. A recent finding that the majority of people who accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour did so while they were in their teens highlights our need to be on the same page as our teenagers when it comes to sharing the story of Jesus with them. Besides, as Pope Paul VI exhorted in Evangelii Nuntiandi, 63, “Evangelisation loses much of its force and effectiveness if it does not take into consideration the actual people to whom it is addressed, if it does not use their language, their signs and symbols, if it does not answer the questions they ask, and if it does not have an impact on their concrete life”. 

The Teen World