Telling the Jesus story

January, 2008
Cover Story 
Certainly, we have a call to tell the world the stories of our faith - stories from the Bible, of the saints, from our own experiences and those of men and women of faith today. We live in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. Languages mingle, colours mix and voices merge. Here it is important that we share our Jesus experiences and stories in such a way that they touch and heal the hearts of those around us. It is also important that we do it respectfully and lovingly, in a way that is relevant. The ten reflections that follow are condensed from a session presented to the 7000 participants of the Jesus Youth South Asia Conference by His Grace Thomas Menamparampil, Archbishop of Guwahati, India and his book Retelling Jesus’ Stories in Today’s India. May these insights inspire us to share stories of our faith with those around us. 

Telling the Jesus story