Be with Him


‘Shalom’ 1994 at St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda, Kerala, was my first Jesus Youth retreat. I was attracted by the Music ministry and the skits.   I felt that there was something different about JY as compared to other prayer groups.  I liked the fellowship also. I remember one member, Lijo Thadevous, called me frequently after that and took more care personally.  It was a new experience for me…  Earlier even though I had attended a few JY programmes, I did not have much intimacy with the group.

In 2005 I came to Roma, Italy.  I became a part of the Jesus Youth here and have been co-ordinating the Music Ministry since then. It has been a different experience all together.  I have tasted God’s wonderful love through this movement.  The fellowship has helped me to know more about Jesus Youth. 
By the grace of God I got an opportunity to participate in JYILT 2010 at Thailand. When I landed at Bangkok airport, I wondered how I would spend the 13 days but all that disappeared when I reached the venue. Our programme was held at the Gospel Garden, a place blessed with natural beauty. It had such a wonderful ambience for Training and Retreat; I had never seen such a beautiful place before.
As a JY member/leader, I wanted to change and correct some areas in my life. I did it well through the process of ‘Paradigm Shift’.  Adv. Raiju Varghese helped us in this.  After this module, I began to understand that I can influence the people around me with simple things like a smile, music or even an interaction. I began to feel more confident and all the 18 participants also motivated me a lot. I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me (Phil .4:13).
The training days helped me to gain knowledge on various aspects.  I took time to examine myself.  I was very weak in many areas.   I thought why had God selected me?  Through this training I got the insight that God has a plan for me.  Slowly he will reveal it to me... The important thing is to BE WITH HIM.   I was also inspired and motivated by Nehemiah’s Leadership quality. I got more awareness about the Bible and the basic teachings of the Catholic Church.  I understood Word of God = Eucharist. 
In these 13 days, I have opened myself and gotten chiseled, shaped and moulded in all the areas of my life.  We also got a day for outing.  It was interesting to see the beautiful city of Thailand and enjoy different Thai food.
This training has given me the strength to take a commitment for my place of ministry, Italy.  
“If we let Christ into our lives, we lose nothing, nothing.”

Sunil Varghese, Italy-Roma