Trainings 2010



Submitted: 20th July 2010

The two weeks of training was very enriching. Meeting like-minded Jesus Youth from different places and meeting other leaders who lead the movement in various capacities across the world was so overwhelming and above all a big blessing. The one thing that struck me was that though we, the participants, were from different parts of the world, from different backgrounds, from different levels of leadership and with different characteristics, we all had one thing in common - we were all set apart by the Lord for His work. A tribe of set apart’s indeed. And in Him our differences became our uniqueness and our similarities became our bonding glue. 

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Submitted: 21st July 2010
I was often struggling in opening up my self to others. It was a fear of exposing my self - my weaknesses, lack of knowledge in doing things in the ministry, and my background. Because of this, I was failing to do my best. My shifted paradigm was opening up my self to all; to let them know me well, my weaknesses, background and my strengths; accepting everything, all the people from the hands of the Lord. I had to change my name to ‘Open to all’ for the rest of the programme days. During that day’s adoration, I could surrender myself and the paradigms in my life into the mighty hands of the Lord and I experienced healing in my life. Slowly I was able to communicate my feelings, ideas and thoughts in a better way. I started to become more open to the group. I hardly noticed the changes that were happening in me. But towards the end of the programme, I could easily communicate my thoughts and vision. 

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Submitted: 23rd July 2010
As a JY member/leader, I wanted to change and correct some areas in my life. I did it well through the process of ‘Paradigm Shift’.  Adv. Raiju Varghese helped us in this.  After this module, I began to understand that I can influence the people around me with simple things like a smile, music or even an interaction. I began to feel more confident and all the 18 participants also motivated me a lot. I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me (Phil .4:13). 

Submitted: 26th July 2010 

Uncertainty, fear and doubt were some of the few things that clouded my mind when I was asked if I’d consider going for the Exposure Programme in Thailand. An international training? Another country? Why me? Am I good enough? How am I meant to pay for it? The questions kept rolling but through all of it, I very distinctly remember a JY leader telling me, ‘all you need to do is make yourself available and the rest will be taken care of by God’. I write to you today to testify that everything did fall into place, only more perfectly and beautifully than I ever expected it to. 

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