JY Int'l Trainings '13



This year’s Int’l trainings will take place in the month of August 2013 in view of the upcoming WYD at Rio de Janeiro in July. The venue for all four trainings will be the Camillian Pastoral Care Center, Bangkok, Thailand.


4-31 August 2013 - Jesus Youth International Fulltime Volunteers' Training (JYIFT)
An intensive training module meant for young people desiring to share their faith. Preferably only those who are able to take a one-year full-time commitment in any part of the world should apply.

5-18 August 2013 - Jesus Youth International Leaders' Training (JYILT)
Keeping in mind the unique style of leadership in the movement, JY leaders will find this training a suitable growth platform.

14-24 August 2013 -
Jesus Youth International Exposure Programme (JYIEP)

Know more about yourself, your faith and the Jesus Youth movement at this 10-day life changing adventure organised for budding JYs.

20-31 August 2013 - Jesus Youth International Animators' Training (JYIAT)

Lay elders, priests and nuns interested in animating a youth ministry can know more about the ‘gift of accompaniment’ at this training.


For more details, contact jyglobal@jesusyouth.org