Haiti Mission

It was after the devastating earthquake in Haiti that Jesus Youth of America began to visit Haiti. Ever since the first visit Jesus Youth has worked in collaboration with Scalabrini Missionaries in Camp Corrail. As the visits continued, the movement realised that providing Healthcare and supporting education of children were the two acutely felt needs of the country at that time. Since 2014 the movement began to send out regular Medical Missions to Haiti. Besides supplying essential medicines through medical camps and health education, these healing missions also offer a space for spiritual enrichment and support.

Africa Mission

The Jesus Youth movement’s first initiatives in Africa began in 2010 in Uganda. After networking with Church leaders the movement began its work in universities and among youth in the grass root level. Today Jesus Youth has full time volunteers working in Uganda, it has reached out to several universities and has a presence in more than ten dioceses. The movement is also involved in several leadership training programmes in the country. From Uganda, Jesus Youth has moved into initial stages of its work in several East African countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Chad and Djibouti.

Papua New Guinea

Since 2014, Youth of Jesus Youth Australia have been visiting the Papua New Guinea, the third largest island country in the world. The initiative emerged from a set of young people in the movement. Jesus Youth groups organise youth programmes, retreats and leadership camps for the young people in these islands.

Email us at office@jesusyouth.org to participate in a mission programme.