The Kairos global edition in English offers a multicultural perspective on youth culture and articles on relevant youth responses that makes sense to an international community. A range of features, reviews, experiences, and special issues make Kairos Global a perfect way to reach out to contemporary youth anywhere in the world.

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Kairos Buds

Kairos Buds the Catholic magazine for children aged 3 to 12 years, published by Jesus Youth, an International Catholic Movement approved by the Holy See.

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Kairos Malayalam Magazine

Initiated by a group of young people, Kairos magazine goes way back as far as 1977. The magazine is totally a youth initiative for the youth. Published in Malayalam language, it features personal experiences of youth, lifestyle guides, discussions, opinions, church news, responses to current events, Jesus Youth News, youth insights and much more – all put together in a practical and relatable way. It helps thousands of young people form relevant responses and lifestyles in today’s changing world.

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First published in 2003, the Newsletter offers a timely and relevant perspective on the Jesus Youth movement around the world. besides testimonies, articles and exhortations, the newsletter is also is a digest of Jesus Youth related information and updates gathered from over 25 countries.

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