Jesus Youth recognize the grace and power present in the sacrament of marriage and the Catholic family–especially in our highly individualised society. It realises that vibrant, young and loving families are the key to transforming neighbourhoods and societies. Thus the movement today offers an effective set of initiatives, formation modules and support groups to help young families and kids live a joyful, loving, Christ-centred and evangelistic life in today’s changing world.


Progressively, teenagers are now being seen by marketers as a key demographic in disseminating cultural ideas. Jesus Youth understands that this is a time when teens are being swayed by the conflicting influences around them and are often burdened with difficult choices. Jesus Youth Teens focuses on initiatives and sustained formation programmes for school students in grades 8 to 12. It reaches out to teenagers in contemporary and exciting ways and helps them discover the beauty of a Christ-centred life.


Today, kids have a whole world of entertainment, activities and media tailored to them alone. In this context, Jesus Youth realises that there is a need to create family centric and Jesus centric content and activities for young kids. Jesus Youth Kids offers a set of entertaining activities, games, music, workshops and a significant set of resource materials tailor made for kids aged between 4-12 years.


From the early 90s, university campuses were one of first public spaces where Jesus Youth began to be present as a youth movement. Universities in most cultures have always been centres of thought, ideas and change. Entirely initiated by students, Jesus Youth groups work in colleges to influence the affective dimension of Campus life, nurturing a passion to participate in the institutional and individual transformation. The initiatives involve students, faculty and the senior management in Universities-bringing about a culture of faith in learning centres.


Today, the profession and the environment of work has taken on a highly significant place in our society. On the other hand it can be a place of immense stress, competition and interpersonal struggles. Professions and work environments, Jesus Youth believes, can be imbued with a new grace if approached with a Christ-centric attitude. Thus Jesus Youth Professionals is a fellowship of professionals in various walks of life, helping each other to celebrate their lives with God and fulfil their responsibility to the church and the society. Through the tough demands of different professions and corporate careers, they seek to live the gospel and proclaim His love in today’s workplaces.


In the mid 90s young people who encountered Jesus through the movement went back to their parishes and initiated youth groups that helped refresh life in parishes. Being a movement which is at the service of the Church, it is a constant thrust of Jesus Youth to be a catalyst in parishes, promoting a creative, Jesus Centred and evangelistic life in parishes.