Community Prayer

The community prayer of the movement is drawn from the Psalms and the writings of the saints is a part of every Jesus Youth gathering around the world. The prayer provides space for free praise, songs and worship along with traditional formats of prayer. Translated into several languages, the Jesus Youth Community prayer books are available on request.


Daily Prayer

The Everyday Prayer of a Jesus Youth is designed as an individual prayer aid for every Jesus Youth. It is used as the format of daily prayer by many Jesus Youth around the world. For a printable format of the prayer, click link below.


Special Devotion to our Blessed Mother

The devotion to Mother Mary is engraved on the hearts of every Jesus Youth. We honor and love her whose dignity transcends that of any other creatures on earth. Of all the devotions, the devotion to her brings us closer to Jesus as she is the one He addresses with the sweet title Mother! She beautifully dwells in our lives and souls. We invoke her intercessions, ask her to intercede for us with her divine Son.


Our Patron Saint St. Francis Assisi

St.Francis of Assisi, “The little beggar” is perhaps the most popular saint in history. St. Francis preached and literally lived the gospel. Through his constant consideration of God’s voice and practice of it. St. Francis led and inspired numerous people to a life of holiness and repentance. He lived a life of self denial and gave more importance to the kingdom of God than the earthly kingdom and its pleasures and lived to serve the ‘master’ than the servant’. St. Francis was fervent in prayer, meditation of the Word of God, frequently received the sacraments, was a great evangelizer, built and led an ideal community, lived as a poor and served the poor. As the patron saint of the Jesus Youth movement, we learn and constantly draw inspiration from this great man of God.